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ITN Workshops at the Annual ITCR meeting covered reproducibility practices

Candace Savonen led two workshops at the ITCR 2023 annual meeting. The first introduced trainees to the pull request process using Git and GitHub for version control and code review. The second introduced concepts related to automation using GitHub Actions

Lqoui Now supports Subtitles and PowerPoint

Loqui which is a web-based app that helps you create videos from slides (both from Power Point or Google Slides). The notes become the audio, and the slides become the images. You can try Loqui out here:  

ITN Events at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Were a Hit!

ITN delivered 4 workshops in August 2023 at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, Washington, engaging with numerous cancer researchers, post docs, students, and scientists, covering a variety of topics. 

A Genomics Tools Workshop featured the UCSC Xena Browser

Candace Savonen provided general guidance for genomics research and directed attendees to ITN resources for learning about what to do with various  types of genomic data (including content about whole genome sequencing from Claire Mills).

Cailin Jordan  (a Hutch graduate student) gave a presentation about sc-ATAC-Seq

Jacob Greene (a Hutch graduate student) gave a presentation about ChIP-Seq

Mary Goldman gave a demonstration of how the UCSC Xena Browser can help visualize many aspects of genomics research. The Xena Browser  is an online exploration tool for public and private, multi-omic and clinical/phenotype data.

A Cancer Computing Workshop helped attendees learn more about resources

Carrie Wright taught about how computers work, the evolution of computing, how shared and cloud computing resources work, and resources for cancer research computing, including Galaxy and the Hutch computing cluster (available to Hutch employees).

An AI Workshop helped Attendees learn how to harness the power of AI for their daily work 

Candace Savonen and Elizabeth Humphries taught about how to craft useful prompts, how to work with chatbots ethically, and the differences between many of the current popular Chatbots and tools. 

A Workshop about multidisciplinary teams and DEI  help attendees learn practices for effectively working in teams

Carrie Wright taught about best practices for finding, creating, and nurturing multidisciplinary teams, as well as for helping to support team members with diverse scientific backgrounds and life experiences.

ITN Events at TGEN were interactive!

ITN delivered 2 workshops in August 2023 at Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGEN) in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Attendees from the Native American Cancer Prevention (NACP) Partnership, TGEN and the University of Arizona, and Northern Arizona University joined us to learn about cancer computing resources, like Galaxy and microbiome analysis.

Greg Caporaso gave a demonstration of QIIME2, a next-generation microbiome bioinformatics platform that is extensible, free, open source, and community developed. 

ITN reached out at the NCI junior Investigator meeting

Howard Baek presented about ITN courses, software, and more at the 2023 annual National Cancer Institute (NCI) Junior Investigator meeting with a poster, short talk, and lunch session.